Bygone Era Pricing At Turner Field

The cost of baseball games has never been relatively cheap. People my age tend to wax reminiscent about how the whole family could go to the park on game day and get four tickets for $5. Of course, back then you worked for about three hours to earn $5, and people moaned about how overpaid ballplayers were then.


That isn’t to say that the price of baseball games in major league parks hasn’t become unreasonable, especially when star minor leaguers want an $11 million signing bonus before seeing a single major league pitch. When the Yankees cut their Legends Suite ticket prices in half last season, the price of a seat went from utterly insane to still pretty nuts.


But the Atlanta Braves, a team that many think will be competitive this season, have been countering that with bygone-era ticket pricing in what they call “Skyline Seats”. These seats, on game day, are going for the 1950s price of just $1 a game.


Of course, these aren’t exactly “club” or “legends” or “royal box” or whatever such seats are called in most ballparks these days. The SkyLine seats are in Section 422 in left field and in Section 437 in right field. They are the outermost sections in the upper deck and have only 3-4 seats per row. You might see Bob Uecker up there. Even so, from what I’ve read, the Braves aren’t particularly tough on seat poaching. After a couple of innings, if you don’t get greedy, you should be able to move to a much better seat with no problem. The Braves haven’t sold out many games in recent years. My first Braves game was in 1999, in their heyday, and I was able to move from an outfield seat to an upper deck seat near home plate in the 4th inning.


If you’re an honest sort who stays in his or her purchased seat (a respectful position with which I admire), you need to know that the Hotlanta sun bears down on the right field seats until well into the evening, while the left field seats are in the shade early. And Section 422 is still in foul territory, making it a slightly better view.


Or you can scrap the seat altogether and see the game in the party atmosphere of the Turner Field Chop House in center field. And buy a meal with the money you’ve saved.


The tickets are put on sale 2.5 hours before gametime at the ticket office near the Braves Museum. You can only buy one at a time and must enter the park immediately after buying the ticket. You should get in line early because they go fast.


It requires a little thought and advance planning, but you can’t beat going to a ballgame with your pocket change.

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