Take A Rickshaw To Fenway

Only rookies drive their car to Fenway Park, or anywhere in Boston, for that matter. Narrow streets and world-class congestion have combined to make a less than stellar public transportation system pretty popular in Beantown.


Public transportation certainly has its drawbacks, especially for those using it to get to a ballgame. I can tell you from the experience of nearly having my face pressed against a windshield for entire Green Line rides that trains coming to and leaving games at Fenway Park get mercilessly jammed with Red Sox fans. And far be it for me to suggest that Boston fans smell any worse than fans of any other teams (they don’t) but let’s face it, after a game on a muggy day there’s probably going to be someone kicking foul near you, and that can make for a long ride.


But I did find one way to ease some (although not all) of the hassles that go along with trying to enter or exit the Fenway Park area by car.


Boston Pedicabs is a clever local outfit that employs young, fit college students to pedal bicycles attached to rickshaws around the city of Boston. There are plenty of them available near Fenway, but the gentleman I e-mailed asking where best to find them (forgive me for temporarily losing the e-mail with his name) informed me that the parking lot at the Prudential center some blocks east of Fenway is a good spot. The Prudential lot is much cheaper than the lots closest to Fenway, and the Center is basically a mall with quite a few good pregame dining options.


The fellows riding the bicycles are friendly and will have a conversation with you as they’re pedaling you through murderous traffic to the park, and you can actually look around at the city rather than waiting for the driver in front of you to finally move.


Best of all, they’re free. But not really. The Pedicab drivers subsist entirely on tips, so don’t let me hear of anyone who reads this stiffing them.


Boston Pedicabs website: www.bostonpedicab.com


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