McFadden’s At Citi Field – A Deal Too Good Yet Somehow True

I’m not much of a drinker and never have been very good at it. In the past my only claim to booze fame was winning a few games of quarters, mostly by being a good shot, playing smart and thinking up imaginative rules, which I would then enforce mercilessly until someone vomited. That was among the least embarrassing things I have done when drinking. I suppose this is why I don’t have trouble aging. My youth showcased a great deal of stupidity. And also why I don’t often have more than one or two drinks in a social situation.


I’m also a big guy, six foot four and 250 pounds soaking wet. So it takes more than one drink for me to feel any kind of buzz. So forget drinking at the ballgame. I’m not paying $15 for two Budweisers. (And neither should you.)


But McFadden’s at Citi Field has a special going on that was so ridiculous that I had to e-mail them and find out what the catch was.


Listen to this: A VIP Package at McFadden’s Citi Field includes: one hour of open bar, an order of chicken wings, a ticket for a free drink after the game, and a ticket to the game–and not just a ticket but a ticket to the 100 or 300 level! All for somewhere between $30 and $60, generally depending on whom the Mets are playing.


Buying directly from the Mets, a 100 or 300 level ticket alone costs more than that. At $60 this is a total steal, at $30, well, you start to think like me…wondering what the catch is.


I e-mailed McFadden’s and asked them if the tickets needed to be bought in bulk, or whatever, because this seemed like just too good of a deal to be true. In response, Stephanie Collins, the Marketing and Events Manager, sent me this reply:


“It’s all true! Buy! Buy! Buy! Before they are sold out!”


I just visited Citi Field recently without knowing this and am kicking myself. I would like to have a beer or two at a ballgame and have a little buzz going, but it just costs too much. Had I known… (sounds of me repeatedly kicking myself in the ***). Now, if I go again, I have to find someone to drive me.


I’m very often amazed at what I find when I look.


McFadden’s at Citi Field website:



  1. Kevin Patrick Shiner (@KFed42)

    This deal has finally reached the Too Good To Be True level. When I bought this package last year, it was awesome. I went with 2 others and we each had 4 beers and the server brough us our wings to the table.

    This year, it was an absolute ClusterF**k. For starters, there were obviously not enough bartenders on hand as the average wait time for a beer was about 15 minutes. While I waited for my first beer I handed the bartender my appetizer ticket. He then pointed to the table behind me and said that’s where you get your appetizer. It was two sterno pans of hot wings with a line of 50+ people waiting to fill their plates. The attendant at the table said it was too expensive for McFadden’s to serve the old way.

    Half of the hour *happy* hour was spent waiting for my two beers and the other half waiting in line for a few chicken wings.

    So the fan gets screwed again. Nice job, McFadden’s. Steer clear of this deal.

  2. kurtdman24

    Kevin, thanks for sharing your story. It’s too bad that McFadden’s decided to go assembly line with the appetizers. My guess is that the promotion became popular, as one could imagine it would, and McFadden’s didn’t want to hire extra help to make it worth people’s while. Which is too bad.

    Incidentally, I don’t update this blog here anymore…I’m concentrating on my website, If you’d like to shoot me an e-mail address, I’ll be happy to send you a Citi Field E-Guide free of charge for the tip!


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