Find Great Parking Easily With ParkWhiz

Some time ago I wrote a blog about the wonderful website called “Precise Seating“, that provides  all sorts of details on nearly every seat at Fenway Park–how close the seat is to home plate, how much of the view if any is obstructed, whether you’ll have to crane your neck to watch, and much more. It is recommended in the Fenway Park E-Guide.


It’s sites like Precise Seating that makes the Internet such a valuable tool for so many things. Think about how we used to buy tickets, book hotels and flights, look for restaurants, even find our way somewhere. Good old Yellow Pages…I sure don’t miss them. Remember writing down directions to someone’s house that they gave you on the phone? These kids today, they just don’t know how good they have it.


Anyway, while working on the coming Ballpark E-Guides booklet for Wrigley Field (hopefully available sometime in 2011, although I can’t promise it), I stumbled on a site called ParkWhiz, and driving to the game, or even to the city in general, will never be the same.


ParkWhiz could best be described as StubHub for parking spots. You go to the ParkWhiz website, enter the date and time and location (including sports venues) that you wish to declare a spot your own, and ParkWhiz will list for you the addresses of all of the available nearby spots. There is a map to show where each spot is, and even customer ratings and whether tailgating is permitted for each spot. Click on a button to reserve it, print out your reservation, plug it into your GPS and head to the game knowing that a spot will be yours and you’ll have more time to spend grazing around the ballpark. These days, you could do it all with your phone if it’s advanced enough. ParkWhiz does charge a 10% commission…they do need to make a profit…but that’s worth its weight in gas money saved by a couple laps around the park.


For just one example, as of this writing, for the December 12 Bears game at Soldier Field in Chicago, there are spots available for just $11. That’s quite a deal, although it is 1.7 miles away (which is just a short train ride in Chicago).


ParkWhiz guarantees your reservation too…full refund if you don’t get your reserved spot.


Not only does a site like ParkWhiz help motorists find a spot without searching endlessly around a ballpark, it helps parking lot owners or anyone else offering spaces to fill them at market value prices. How many times have you felt ripped off after shelling out a ridiculous amount of money for the only space you could find? With ParkWhiz, it’s a lot more likely that you’ll pay what a space is worth, and you don’t have to be gouged anymore. Well not as much anyway.


ParkWhiz probably wouldn’t be as great in a city like Philadelphia, where there is a sports complex taking up a great deal of space that has ample parking anyway. But if you would really prefer not to take a train, ParkWhiz would be a great boon to your party heading to New York, Boston, Chicago or any other city where parking is always a challenge.


One less hassle for the ballpark visitor thanks to the Internet. If this keeps up, there won’t be a need for Ballpark E-Guides. But until then, I soldier on!


ParkWhiz website:



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