Wrigley Guide – An Indispensible Companion

Wrigley Field is the second oldest major league ballpark in America, with only Fenway Park in Boston being its senior. Both ballparks are such grand old girls that most baseball fans consider them a must for the bucket list to visit them. Having been to three games in both, I heartily agree. Both are wonderful.


But both ballparks were built before that whole “open concourses with trusses” became prevalent in ballpark architecture, and as such the upper decks in both parks are held up by support poles. These support poles, of course, can cause a serious view problem to someone sitting in the wrong seat.


The Cubs and Red Sox do stamp the words “obstructed view” on certain seat tickets, but both clubs will not say as much unless the support pole nearly blocks the view of the entire infield.


Some time ago I wrote about the “Precise Seating” website, which gives a description of nearly every seat at Fenway Park. While working on the coming Wrigley Field E-Guide, I came upon a similar (although very different in layout) website giving the scoop on seats at Wrigley.


Matt Motyko at WrigleyGuide clearly put a great deal of effort into showing fans how they can avoid being behind the dreaded support poles at The Friendly Confines. In a similar fashion to Precise Seating, the Wrigley Guide shows where a seat is on a seating chart, with the location of the poles marked so you have a good idea whether you will be behind one.


This is an invaluable tool if you are ordering tickets online; how many times have you ordered a ticket for a game and had the seat not be where you expected, even though you looked at the view from the seating chart? Wrigley Guide leaves no doubt of where you’ll be. Honestly, I don’t know how these guys do this, but I’m grateful that they do.


And Motyko doesn’t stop there – he also has plenty of information on how to attend a game at Wrigley Field. And he clearly knows the place well–good knowledge to have.


There are people like me, who are using the Internet to run a hopefully successful enterprise providing a useful product, and there are people like the folks at Precise Seating and Wrigley Guide, who work tirelessly simply so people can have a better experience at the ballgame.


And the smart baseball fan benefits greatly from both. If you’re going to Wrigley and buying tickets online, use the Wrigley guide website. You won’t be sorry.


Wrigley Guide: www.WrigleyGuide.com


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