The Uecker Seats

There isn’t any question that attending a ballgame is more expensive than it used to be, especially when you throw in the cost of food and parking. But some teams are really cutting some bargains for fans.


Some time ago I wrote about $1 seats for Braves games. They weren’t the best seats, obviously, but who’s complaining for a dollar?


It turns out that the Milwaukee Brewers also offer their fans an opportunity to see a game for a dollar, in the humorously named “Uecker Seats”.


I’m dating myself with this, but I remember the Miller Lite commercial featuring “Mr. Baseball” Bob Uecker, in which he gets ousted out of his seat (to which his reaction is “I must be in the front rooooow!”) and placed in the worst seats in the ballpark, where he screams at the umpire.


It was funny, and the Brewers picked up on it when they opened Miller Park in 2001, declaring the highest seats behind home plate the “Uecker Seats”. These seats are blocked by pillars that hold up a portion of the ballpark’s massive roof, so sitting here closer to the aisles means a partially obstructed view.


But the seats are just four quarters in price. You can’t beat that.


In order to get a Uecker Seat, you have to get in line and buy them at the box office, pay cash, and enter the ballpark directly after buying the ticket. If you have a group they need to be with you.


Once you’re in the ballpark, you can stand just about anywhere, and many people simply move to a better seat during the game. From what I’ve read, the enforcement is somewhat lax on poaching a better seat, especially on a night with low attendance. But if you’re not close to the aisles, the view from the Uecker Seats can be perfectly acceptable.


Some teams, even (now) good teams like the Brewers, really do a lot to make games more affordable for fans. You’d be surprised at what you can find.


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