A Source of Yankee Stadium Info

Ballpark E-Guides uses many, many sources for its information. I figure if I’m asking customers for a fin, I can’t be cutting corners on getting as much information as possible.


But it’s rare that I find a source that contains so much information that I start to sweat whether people could just go there as opposed to buying a (still inexpensive!) Ballpark E-Guide.


One such website is a blog called “NYY Stadium Insider“, run by a (now former) season ticket holder by the name of Ross. (I couldn’t find his last name.) Ross updates his blog on a fairly regular basis with deals, bargains, and his own experiences attending games at Yankee Stadium. His latest post is a diatribe about his forfeiting season ticket privileges after what he rightly believed to be unfair treatment by the Yankees.


Most useful is the section called “Stadium Tips”, a list of insider tips on enjoying the game at the new Stadium…some of which have been included in the Yankee Stadium E-Guide. He even goes so far as to mention a security guard by name while talking about the best places to stand and watch the game.


Ross also was a source of information on how to avoid the obstructed views in the bleacher seating at the new stadium, although I did verify it on my first trip. You can either read my earlier post about this or check out one of Ross’s many posts here.


NYY Stadium Insider is such a well done blog with so much great information that it made me question whether people would still find the Yankee Stadium E-Guide worthwhile. Well, aside from the fact that I’ve included information from plenty of other sources, and of course the Yankee Stadium E-Guide is a wonderfully colorful and interesting handbook, I did search to see if Ross mentioned a very good tip that the E-Guide shares for saving money on tickets…and I did not find it.


So without denigrating NYY Stadium Insider in any way, the Yankee Stadium E-Guide is still well worth the five-spot! (Whew!)


Of course, I could probably find some other things, but the fact that I had to search nervously should tell you something about the quality of this blog. Check it out.



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