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On Being Ballpark Savvy

I came up with the idea about a year ago to write guides about how to get around ballparks and get the most for your money. What made me think of it was reflecting on trips to Camden Yards back in the day, and remembering the outside vendors that sold big hot dogs cheap. It was cool knowing about that. A book that contained information like that would be something I’d love to read.


I thought I’d try my hand starting with Philadelphia, since living in South Jersey, I was familiar with it, and I also knew that outside of water and pretzels there wasn’t (and still isn’t) much available in the parking lots for cheap grub. So I knew it would be a challenge.


And here I am working on Toronto’s Rogers Centre, still not the slightest bit tired of learning tips and tricks about each ballpark.


Anyway, one of the first sites I stumbled on while researching Citizens Bank Park was the Ballpark Savvy website. Ballpark Savvy is run by a nice fellow out of Cincinnati named Jake Cain, and he focuses on finding cheap parking and tickets above all else. As far as I know, Jake is one of only a handful of people doing anything similar to what I’m doing, and his website is the best one I’ve found on the subject.


Jake is way ahead of me…he’s already got information on every major league ballpark on his website. Ballpark Savvy is just one of my many sources on ballpark information, but I usually find something on his pages that I didn’t know about.


Ballpark Savvy (I almost called it BS for short, but it’s anything but) is growing in popularity, and he’s got a couple of sponsors and has been interviewed on the radio a few times. For the moment, the site is subsisting on donations, and something like this, to me, anyway, is worth it. Someday I’ll be able to help him out.


For all of fans’ blather about how much it costs to attend a major league game, at least Jake is offering some solutions to beat the system.


And I for one sure appreciate it. Check it out. It’s a great site.


Ballpark Savvy website: www.ballparksavvy.com