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Shake Your Beef

The Shake Shack must make some kind of burger. In my first visit to see a Mets game at Citi Field, the line for the Shack was so long I didn’t bother getting in line, but I didn’t think too much of it. Just thought it was normal pregame hunger on the part of a lot of Mets fans.


Well, hell, that was before I started writing about this stuff. I know better now.


Most fans will tell you that a Shackburger is assuredly worth the sometimes 30-minute wait in the center field concourse at Citi Field. Hey, a half hour is nothing compared to how long you’ll wait at SS’s other locations in the city. It’s almost worth buying a ticket to a Mets game, kind of like how people pay an extra $10 to be able to cut in lines at the amusement park. And you get a Mets game thrown in.


The Shake Shack originated in Madison Square Park in 2004; since then they have added locations in several other places around the city…and they’re building one in Kuwait City (yes, the one in Kuwait, not the one in Ohio). Their location in Citi Field is out in the center field concourse area. Just look for the big lines.


What makes the Shackburger special? Not sure exactly; some claim they add butter to the burger before cooking it, some say it’s the secret “Shack Sauce”, others say it’s the way it’s squished while it’s cooked. But almost everyone agrees it’s an amazing burger. 


If you’re the type who doesn’t consider it a bit on the profane side to opt for a burger rather than a dog at the game, you should elect to wait in line at the Shack in center field rather than buy a Brooklyn Burger, which, by most accounts, is dry and chewy. (The Mets won’t stop with the paeans to Brooklyn, by the way, calling the Brooklyn Burger the “Official Burger of the New York Mets”, who last I checked played in Queens.) If you’d rather stay on the side of baseball rightness, you can get the “Shack-cago Dog”, which comes Chicago-style “dragged through the garden” (meaning lots of ingredients piled on).


Either way, the Shake Shack serves up the Shackmeister beer, a local Brooklyn based (sigh) beer. Nice alternative to Budweiser, and it really is a local brew, unlike the ones at the deceptively named “Big Apple Brews” area. More on that in another post. And don’t forget the name of the place. The shakes are described as thick as mud. Outstanding.


So don’t be intimidated by the long lines at the Shake Shack. If you’re a burger lover, they’re worth it.