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For New Joisey Yankees Fans

I have tentative plans to go to the new Yankee Stadium on May 5th, provided my boss lets me have the day off and my wife doesn’t notice.


Being a New Jersey native my whole life, I’ve learned to find ways to beat a system that is designed to be unbeatable, that being avoiding any extra charges for tolls and parking that can be avoided without a great deal of effort.


I state in my Yankee Stadium Guide (to be finished soon!) that if New Yorkers cared about the price of anything at all, they wouldn’t be New Yorkers. And that a winning baseball team can more or less name its price. How else could it cost $23 to park at a Yankees game without anyone batting an eye?


But likely being by myself, I get to experiment with alternatives, so I’m going to try using the Staten Island Ferry and then taking the 4 train from the Battery Park area of Lower Manhattan.


Just for kicks I figured out the difference in cost between driving and parking at the Stadium and using the Ferry and the 4 train:


Driving and parking at the Stadium:

NJ Turnpike from Exit 7 (where I would get on) to George Washington Bridge: $12.70 round trip

George Washington Bridge eastbound: $8

Parking at Yankee Stadium: $23

Additional Mileage: 18 city miles, about 2 gallons of gas or $6

Total to drive and park at the Stadium: $49.70


Driving to the Staten Island Ferry and using the 4 train:

NJ Turnpike from Exit 7 to Goethals Bridge: $6.20 round trip

Goethals Bridge eastbound: $8

Parking at Ferry Station: $5 per day

Ferry ride: free (!)

4 train round trip: $4.50

Total using ferry and train: $23.70


In addition, the Staten Island Ferry offers great views of the Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan and there is inexpensive food and even beer served on the boat (which I probably won’t partake of given that I would be using it in the morning, but who knows). The ferry runs all day and all night, so one needn’t worry about extra innings. It gets crowded, but that is to be expected with a free tourist attraction in New York City.


If there is a downside to saving $26 and the aggravation of dealing with NYC traffic to get to a Yankees game, I’m not sure what it is. But I’ll update this if I have any problems.


Staten Island Ferry’s website: http://www.siferry.com/